Group Term Life

United Heritage group term life insurance products can help replace lost income and maintain current lifestyle in the event of a death.

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Group Term Life

Providing financial resources for employees and their families in the event of a death should be an integral part of a benefit package.

United Heritage offers flexible plan designs to meet individual employee needs

  • Choose a coverage amount that fits each family’s budget
  • Pay premiums through the convenience of payroll deduction
  • Elect coverage up to a specified amount without providing proof of good health
  • Continue coverage when your employment ends

What is the right amount of coverage?

  • A dual-income family with young children might need more insurance to maintain their lifestyle than a couple nearing retirement age
  • The family breadwinner might consider spousal coverage to help provide for child care costs and household services
  • Couples close to retirement might purchase life insurance to help insure the surviving spouse can retire as planned
Expenses may have to be paid in the event a family member passes away
  • Medical Expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Monthly living expenses
  • Monthly debt
  • Child care
  • College tuition
  • Saving for retirement
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Affordable voluntary group term life insurance

Voluntary group term life insurance is an affordable way to purchase the extra protection employees and their families may need. Voluntary group term life insurance is available to employees at group rates and can be one of the least expensive ways to buy life insurance.

Customizable – AD&D, Spouse, and/or Child(ren) benefits are available.