Frequently Asked Questions


For common policy changes, please contact our Client Services Department.

  • Call 1-800-657-6351
  • Fax 1-800-240-9734
  • Write us at PO Box 7777, Meridian, ID 83680-7777
  • Email us at (Do not include Social Security #s in your email.)
  • Contact your agent

Change of Beneficiary or Change of Name

Contact our office or your agent as indicated above. A special Change of Policy form will be mailed to you to be completed and returned to the home office. When this completed form is received in our office, the change will be acknowledged and a copy of the Change of Policy form will be sent to you to be attached to your policy. Remember to keep us updated concerning any name or address changes for your beneficiaries.

Change of Policy owner

There may be many reasons to change the owner of a policy. Any potential advantages and disadvantages of such a change should be discussed with your attorney or accountant. If a change is desired, contact our office or your agent, and a Change of Policy form will be mailed to you.

Change of Address

Simply call our office.


The easiest way is to call 1-800-657-6351 and ask for the Claims Department.

To begin the claim, we need the policy number and the date of death. We will prepare the papers to be sent to the beneficiary. The call can come from a family member, or many times the funeral home will contact the company for you.