Critical Illness

Facing a serious illness can be devastating. The right insurance coverage can help employees through a difficult time.

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Critical Illness

Group Voluntary Critical Illness insurance from United Heritage can be an important coverage in addition to current medical and disability benefits.

Helps Pay the Bills

Critical Illness Coverage provides a lump-sum benefit upon a covered diagnosis that can be used however the insured chooses. For example, it can be used for uncovered medical costs, living expenses, child care, rehabilitation, or travel to and from treatment centers.


The plan offers employees affordable premiums for coverage amounts in $5,000 increments up to $50,000. 100% of the coverage amount will be payable for the first occurrence of the covered conditions in each of the three categories. If a recurrence occurs, a percentage of the first occurrence benefit will be paid, depending on chosen plan design. Additionally, employees can be paid a lump sum for a coronary artery bypass surgery and type B cancer.

Spouse and Child Coverage

Our coverage can also help meet the needs of an employee’s spouse and child(ren) if they are diagnosed with a covered condition.