Accident Coverage

An additional layer of financial protection for employees and their family.

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Accident Coverage

Helps Pay the Bills. The cash benefit can be used however the insured chooses, from paying unexpected and/or uncertain medical expenses (including health insurance deductibles, copays, or travel to facilities) to helping with general living and everyday expenses.


The plan offers employees affordable options to meet their individual needs by providing benefits for more than 80 covered accidental injuries, related services and treatments.

  • Diagnostic exams, x-rays and other emergency visits
  • Initial and follow-up physician visits
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Hospital admission and confinement
  • Follow-up/recovery services, including physical therapy and chiropractic care
  • And more...

Additional Features:

  • Easy payroll deduction of premiums (that will never increase due to age)
  • Benefits available for the insured’s spouse or dependent child(ren)
  • Direct payment to the insured or their beneficiary
  • Benefit payments are not offset by other types of insurance, such as traditional disability coverage.